5 Last Minute Easy & Effective Halloween Decorating Ideas


It seems like each year as the weather starts to cool, I start making false promises to myself: THIS year, I really mean it, I know I said the same thing last year, but I MEAN it this time: This year I'm going all out decorating for Halloween. Fast-forward to about two weeks from the big day and my house is unspooky'fied. I'm not going to stress about it though because over many years of procrastination I have a developed a few easy ways to get the house Halloween ready in no time. 

1. Spider Webs 

This Halloween decoration is so overlooked and underestimated, you don't even have to worry about it selling out. TIP: a little goes a long way. You only need a few bags because you will be stretching the strands out as much as you can. This will give you a realistic look, otherwise you end up with gobs of fluff and that's just not cute. Stretch them over mirrors, fireplace mantels, vases, wall art, framed photos, and staircases. Throw those spider webs everywhere, basically live out your Spider-man dreams.


2. Giant Spiders

What goes well with a ton of spider webs? Big, hairy spiders. A couple of big, posable spiders are an easy, and effective way to give your home Halloween vibes. I have one for the living room and one for the front porch. I'm getting one more for the bathroom. I think hanging one in an unexpected place (like a shower with a half-opened shower curtain) would have the very best willies-inducing effect. Don't forget the spider webs.


3. Blood, fake please

You don't have to go all elevator scene from The Shining, but feel free to let the red stuff fly. The cons are: it's realistic and gross. The pros are: it's realistic and gross. TIP: it can be a bit runny so add cornstarch (a little at a time) to thicken it. You can also mix in some cocoa powder to deepen the red. Muahaha!


4. Flameless tealight candles

You can find flameless tealights online, but if you want them same-day and you can't find them in the Halloween section, check the plain ol' candle section in the home goods department. You can find these at your local craft store as well. The cool thing is that these little candles have an orange, flickering "flame", which makes them a little extra spooky. I forgot to turn one off and it stayed on for two whole days, so you know they will last. Keep your lights low and scatter these around the house. I really liked the effect of placing them in clear, glass containers. Visit your local thrift shop for these. Reduce, reuse, recycle honey!


5. Hang creepy framed photos

While you're at the thrift shop, pick up a few framed pictures. You'll most likely only find ones of fruit or covered bridges. NOT creepy, I know. All you have to do is put a couple of large slashes in it, spread a little fake blood, and (you guessed it) add some spider webs. If you don't want to drill holes in you wall to hang them, just pick up some Command picture hanging strips! If you find a framed photo of a person you can give it a Halloween makeover with a sharpie and a little blood. If you have time, take a small cutting tool and cut out the eyes. Then you can take a battery-powered small string of lights and stick the lights where the eyes should--you know what, forget the lights - there's nothing quick or easy about that! 

There you have it! You could go all out and buy the fog machines and create one of those awesome ghostly figures with chicken wire (more power to you) and set up an amazing Halloween display, but who are we kidding? If you're anything like me you still don't know what's for dinner. You're a busy person who loves to spend any spare time with friends and family because that's what really matters. Besides there's always next year and you're going to kill it next year, riiiight?


If you are hosting a Halloween party, JTWoodworks offers really cute Halloween serveware from cutting boards to dessert and beverage flights with a cute little Halloween accent. They also make bat-themed and spider-themed cake pop stands. All of their stuff is 100% handcrafted and affordable with 2-3 day shipping on most items.  

Nothing sets the Halloween mood faster than a little howling, cackling laughter, and a creaky door. I find that making a playlist of the one hour long sound effects on YouTube works well. Best of all, it’s free! 
Make sure to hit the Halloween clearance sales when you've recovered from your sugar rush!

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