The Best Cheese Sampling in Maine

I love cheese (I know, that’s not a very unique statement) and I have been waiting for the perfect event to put out a cheese platter. Sitting in front of the television in my pajamas this evening, watching the Winter Olympic opening ceremony will do.

Portland, Maine has more restaurants per capita than probably any other city in the country. Despite the bevy of fabulous dining options, one of my favorite places to nosh is the Cabot Farmers’ Annex on Commercial Street. Why? Two words: cheese samples. We’re not talking tiny nibbles of so-so cheese, oh no. We’re talking about 1 inch cubes of the sharpest, tastiest, creamiest cheddar you’ve ever had. The ones I seem to gravitate towards, and am hoping I will be enjoying tonight, are their Hot Habanero, Alpine, Smoky Bacon, and Seriously Sharp.

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I love spicy foods (I am Latina - it’s in my blood). Ever since I moved to the east coast, I have become skeptical of anything labeled as “hot”. Well, let me just say that my favorite thing to do when snacking on this cheese is to see how many bites I can take before I’m reaching for a pretzel and a glass of milk to ease the burn. My record number of bites is TWO. This cheddar is hot, but it’s so good and creamy that I just can’t help myself. I could probably eat a whole bar.

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Everyone I have shared this with just about falls in love with this memorable cheese. I almost don’t want to describe it so that you will experience it the same way I did. I guarantee the first thing you’ll say after one bite is going to be, “Mmmm...what is THAT??” All I will tell you is that it’s tangy, nutty, and fruity in a very parmesan-like way. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself. No spoilers.

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I don’t really need to sell you on this one, do I? It’s cheese. It’s bacon. It’s hickory smoked.

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You really can’t go wrong with this one. This goes well with just about anything from crackers, to fruits, to my husband's Bachelor Pasta Salad (stay posted for that recipe). I have always wanted to add this to my famous mac n cheese sauce, but honestly once this block of cheddar is in our home, it’s usually devoured within an hour.

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Aside from my favorite Cabot cheeses, the only other cheese I would love to be indulging in, if I could find it (if you know where I could find it, please let me know) would be a chocolate cheese. Yes, you heard me. There is a cheese out there that is chocolate-based. I tried it once at my husband’s company Christmas party and I have never forgotten it. I was only able to taste a tiny bit of it. Unfortunately, I was on my best behavior and 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths at the cheese table would have been I've been told.

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