What Is Your Dream Beer Flight?


Food conjures up lovely memories. Each bite of a certain food can transport you to a special time and place. Every time I bake my sister’s chocolate chip cookies, I am right back in her living room, binge-watching episodes of the Twilight Zone on Christmas day. Believe it or not, the other day I became similarly nostalgic, not over food, but rather over beer. This started when I came across a list of the best craft breweries in each state. It made me think about my favorite beers and I wondered: What would be my dream beer flight?  

Here's what I came up with:

  1. Best Brown by Gritty’s Brew Pub - Maine
  2. Framboise Lambic by Lindemans Brewery - Belgium
  3. Curieux by Allagash Brewing Company - Maine
  4. Blueberry Wheat Ale by Sea Dog Brewing Co. - Maine
  5. Ice Cream for IPA by C. H. Evans Brewing Company - New York

1. Best Brown, Gritty's Brew Pub (Maine)
While dating I knew, or rather my husband knew, that we had something very special when he decided to bring me to his favorite brew pub, Gritty’s. Probably as important as introducing me to his family. Probably. Jeremy was a member of their Mug Club since they opened. On our first date in Maine I took my first sip of their brown ale from his mug (I snapped this picture of him that day). Their brown is still my favorite because it reminds me of our first east-coast date and because it goes so well with our family favorites: Gritty’s chips with tartar sauce and an amazing "half bbq sauce/half alfredo sauce, with chicken all over" pizza our kids created. They should just name it after us already.

2. Framboise Lambic, Lindemans Brewery (Belgium)
During our first trip to Las Vegas, Jeremy and I visited the Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio hotel. It was a great way to relax and enjoy a drink after walking in the hot sun. This bar offers a skilled pianist and an array of complimentary bar snacks served on an elegant little tray that they bring right to you when you order drinks. I ordered the Lindemans raspberry lambic that day. Look what a pretty glass they served it in! Every time I sip some of that fruity and tart drink, I remember what a great vacation we had and how much I would love to go back!

3. Curieux, Allagash Brewing Company (Maine)
There are some moments when the choice you have made in a spouse is confirmed. When your husband tells you that Allagash is hosting a beer and cheese pairing event at a local restaurant (DaVinci’s, home of the best garlic knots) and asks you to go - you know you’ve chosen wisely. My favorite that night was the Curieux, but I don’t remember what cheese it was paired with...probably because of the 11% ABV. What can I say, I love beer, but I’m a lightweight. 

4. Blueberry Wheat Ale, Sea Dog Brewing Co. (Maine)
While we were dating, I flew out to surprise Jeremy for his birthday. His family had planned a surprise party for him and it was my job to keep him busy until all the guests arrived back at the house. After he picked me up from the airport, I told him I wanted to drive around to find the biggest snow banks because I had never seen snow before. He wasn't buying it, so we stopped at Sea Dog for a drink. That is where I had the best, most blueberry’ish tasting beer. And it was on tap. They also had the best tourtiere pie (a very tasty, pork pie) that Jeremy said reminded him of his grandmother’s recipe. Food and beer ceaselessly conjuring up memories.

5. Ice Scream for IPA, Albany Pump Station (New York)
We have six kids together; we are a modern-day Brady Bunch. This Fall, another one of our birdies flew the nest all the way to college. That road trip for college move-in day was bittersweet; realizing our little girl wasn’t so little anymore and had become a smart, independent young woman who was ready to conquer the world. During this trip, we stopped at the Albany Pump Station for burgers (and beers for the parents). They had a beer with a flavor combination that seemed to be made just for me that day: a vanilla ice cream-flavored IPA. Sounds strange, but it worked beautifully and added a little more "sweet" to that road trip.

That is my list, my dream beer flight...for now. 

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