Wine & Appetizers: A Juggling Act

I admit it. I overdress for most occasions. Why? Well, because I'm a woodworker and most days I am covered in saw dust. Literally. Also, my nails are usually showing traces of wood stain or paint. I'm not complaining, it's more like bragging because I love what I do. But when my husband and I get a chance to sneak away from a house full of kids for a date night, I love to dust myself off and go full-on date mode: hair, makeup, outfit. 

On one of these occasions I took the usual amount time (many hours of planning the perfect outfit and accessories) to get ready for a friend's soiree. Finally ready, we headed out. When we arrived I immediately started looking for the appetizer table because that's just what I do. Well, I greeted our hosts first--I'm not an animal. While my husband went to grab us a drink, I started to fill our little plates with appetizers. I turned around and there he was with a drink in each hand and there I was with a plate in each hand. He tried handing me my drink, I tried to hand him his plate (unsuccessfully). We found a space where we set everything and we each pick up a plate and a drink. Done? Nope. I held my drink in the crook of my arm while I ate. After spending all that time getting dolled up for this party, I ended up spilling wine all over myself. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I want to introduce you to my new best friend. This beautifully handmade wine and snack tray by JTWoodworks via

This elegant little tray has a well to hold the wine glass in place and enough space to hold a small mountain of appetizers. Perfect for weddings, office parties, holiday parties, etc. You can mingle and nosh without having to juggle a drink and a plate. Your wine will stay in your glass where it belongs. Love it! 

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